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Main Raffle Tickets

Part I - Types of Raffles

Part II - Paid Tickets vs. Free Tickets

Part III - About the Trifecta

Part IV - Raffle Guidelines

Part V - Special Raffle Numbers

Past VI - Common Questions



Since the beginning, raffles have been held during every meeting and live jazz event as an entertaining way of helping the Brookfield Jazz Society (BJS) in its ongoing efforts of supporting Jazz in the area. Over the years the raffles have grown in popularity and certain enhancements have emerged to add a level of fun for everyone. This guide will help you learn a little more about what happens each week during the Raffle.


Part I – Types of Raffles

Main Raffle - This is most popular raffle held each week that includes at least 2 Jazz CDs during the regular meetings and many wonderful prizes donated by Local Sponsors during the live jazz events; these tickets are normally solid blue

Split-the-Pot Raffle - A cash raffle held during Special Events that offers 50% of the money collected going to one lucky person and 50% going towards the BJS Fund; these tickets are $2 each

Member’s Only Raffle - This special raffle is Free and conducted mainly during Special Events, which is exclusive to those BJS Members who purchase Main Raffle tickets and show their BJS Membership Card; tickets are a different color/style than those used in the Main Raffle

The “All Pay” Raffle - During certain events or low attendance meetings a situation can arise where everyone who purchases Main Raffle tickets goes home with a prize on the night


Part II – Paid Tickets vs. Free Tickets

Free Tickets (lines) for the Main Raffle can be acquired by either by Presenting, Donating or taking advantage of the Play or Pay Option (see Part V). As a general rule, a person can use up to 4 Free lines on any given night, however they are not obligated to use any if they wish to save them for a future event.

Everyone is encouraged to consider purchasing tickets for the Main Raffle before choosing to use their Free tickets, if available. There is no limit to the number of tickets (lines) a person can purchase on any given night.

It is good to note that whenever a “Play or Pay” option or a Triple Digit Prize is available that Free tickets will not be available until the Prize Ticket (line) has been sold. This is done to ensure everyone has a fair chance of winning the extra prize.


Part III – About the Trifecta

Anyone who wins the Main Raffle, Split-the-Pot Raffle and Members Only Raffle in the same night will win the Trifecta and be awarded an extra special prize.


Part IV – Raffle Guidelines

This section offers the Do’s and Don’ts of how to get the most out of the Raffles each week…

≈ Do pay attention to your numbers - If a number is called twice and no one responds, then a new number will be called in order to keep the raffle moving along in a timely fashion

≈ Do buy more tickets to increase your chances of winning

≈ Do cheer for your fellow winners as you would have them cheer for you when you win

≈ Do take advantage of donating a prize if you have won more than once on a night to allow for more winners

≈ Do ask for clarification if you are not sure how a Special Raffle or Lucky Number works

≠ Don’t get discouraged if your number isn’t called; tickets are drawn at random and not everyone can be a winner

≠ Don’t call out “Fix” or “Rigged” during a raffle; doing so only means that the person whose number was called doesn’t deserve to win and the person conducting the raffle is not doing a fair job of drawing tickets in the first place

≠ Don’t discourage others from participating in the raffle just because they have been on a winning streak recently

≠ Don’t ask “What is the most expensive prize available?” Everyone gets to pick the prize they like the most from the choices available or donate so someone else can win


Part V – Special Raffle Numbers

Play or Pay Option (available only to BJS Members) - If your ticket ends in 333, 444, or 555, then you get a choice to either take your chances and “Play” in the Main Raffle or you can get “Paid” the respective amount of tickets for a future raffle

Triple Digit Winners (last three numbers of a ticket)

♠ 666 = One Hell of a Prize - Always a great prize to win
♠ 777 = One Lucky Winner - Just as the title implies…
♠ 888 = Made in China - Yes, the prize comes from China


Part VI – Common Questions

Q: When are Raffle Tickets sold?
A: Raffle Tickets are always sold during the first part of a presentation or the first set of a live jazz event

Q: Do Free Tickets ever expire?
A: A person’s Free Tickets (lines) will be kept track of for while; however they do not last forever

Q: Do I have to use Free Tickets during the next meeting?
A: No, you do not. Free Tickets can be saved for a live jazz event

Q: Do I have to use all of my Free Tickets for myself?
A: No. You are able to donate your Free Tickets to anyone you choose any time you are around

Q: Why do I need to purchase tickets for Member’s Only?
A: Providing Member’s Only Tickets to those who purchase Main Raffle Tickets maintains the integrity of the raffle, especially for the Trifecta, and respects those who choose not to participate in the raffle for their own personal reason

Q: Can anyone donate a prize for the Main Raffle?
A: Yes. Prizes that are donated may or may not used on the same night they are donated depending what is already in the raffle

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