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Update 12-01-17

§ This month we welcome our newest BJS Member - Joseph Tiffin (BJS-151).

§ The BJS Holiday Party will be Thursday, Decemember 14th in The Jazz Room. Activiting will include the Main Raffle, Member's Only Raffle (with Card) and Split-the-Pot Raffle. Please arrive early as seating will be limited.

Update 11-01-17

§ Attention BJS Members - This month will mark the beginning of a new era for the Hello Pineapple Second Chance Drawing. Details of the new drawing format will be posted in the Members Only Section of the website.

Update 7-25-17

§ This past weekend we retired BJS Member Card BJS-0019 (Jim Lelko). Jim was one of the original members for the BJS going back to 2005. His input on Jazz Saxophones was always interesting and appericated. He also donated to the Main Raffle many times over. Jim will be truly missed in the weeks and months to come.

§ New BJS Membership Cards were issued this week to celebrate the 150th Member, Kasia. You can read the new article on the website to learn more.

Update 7-15-17

§ In honor of our 150th BJS Member, Kasia, we will be having a special Member's Only Raffle for those in attendance on Thursday, July 20th. Other surprizes to be announced. This is a major milestone for the BJS since the Membership went Active back in November 2007. The last milestone was our 100th BJS Members, which was Stuart Sawa, who used to attend the meetings way back when in the Cozy Cottage.

Update 7-01-17

§ As seen on Sawa's Old Warsaw website... Happy Birthday to Marc on the 4th of July! Any text, emails, or cards that wish Marc a Happy Birthday will get that Member 4 lines of tickets in reserve for the Main Raffle. This offer is good until July 30th.

§ This month we welcome two new BJS Members... Robert Jourdan (BJS-0149) and Kasia Sakowicz (BJS-0150).

§ Tickets are still available for the August 31st Field Trip. Sign up early to ensure your seat will be confirmed.

Jazz in Review: The Beginning

The Brookfield Jazz Society (BJS) held their first meeting in the lower level of the Brookfield Village Hall on a Thursday in March. There were only 15 people in attendance to listen to Ian's first Jazz Presentation. Just six months later the very first Live Jazz Event took place in the Cozy Cottage at the Irish Times Pub. After that the BJS quickly grew with more people in attendance, attracting more membership and many more bands to perform, some more than once, for the attentive audience. Ten years later there were over 370 presentations, over a dozen special events, and over 130 live jazz events.

Ian presents at first meetingTo honor all those who supported Jazz by performing over the years, an Epic Presentation was created called Jazz in Review. The idea was simple: Play music from each band that performed for the BJS that provided a CD from their group to be presented with information and pictures that told a story of how the BJS came grow over the years. However, the simple idea became such a grand idea that not one, not two, not even three, but four parts were needed to cover everything.

Each of the following articles include a brief overview of the what was shown during each part of the presentation. The first three parts offer music from the first 10 years of live jazz events. During the presentations those who attended voted on each of the bands. At the end all of the ballots were counted and the top 20 musicians/bands were featured in the countdown from Jazz in Review: Part 4. Click on the title below to jump to keep reading about the Epic Presentation known as Jazz in Review.

Next Article: Jazz in Review: Part I

Facts about the BJS

The following information covers the activity from the first 10 years (March 2005 to March 2015) of the BJS:

Total meetings/live jazz and special events:
 » Lower Level Meeting Room (Brookfield Village Hall): 35
 » The Cozy Cottage (Irish Times Pub): 428
 » The Jazz Room (Sawa's Old Warsaw): 35
 » Village of Brookfield: 5
 » City of Chicago: 3

 Breakdown of activity:
 » Regular Meetings: 376 (Presentations, Free & Easy, Jazz Socials, Movie Night, Jam Nights)
 » Live Jazz Events: 134 (Cozy Cottage and The Jazz Room)
 » Nothing Happening: 52 (Holidays, Mother Nature, etc.)
 » Special Events: 9 (Fourth of July Parade, Jazz in the Park, etc.)
 » Special Live Jazz: 3 (Jazz on the Road)
 » Special Activity: 3 (BJS Field Trip)

List of Special Activities and Events:
 » Fourth of July Parade - The BJS entered a float to let people know about Supporting Jazz in Brookfield during the town's 4th of July Parade
 » Jazz in the Park - An event held at Kiwanis Park in Brookfield that featured Jazz on a Sunday afternoon back in 2006
 » Jazz on the Road - A special live jazz event held in the West Banquet Room of Sawa's Old Warsaw on a Sunday afternoon
 » BJS Field Trip - Everyone took a bus to see the Jazz Festival in downtown Chicago on a Thursday night in Millennium Park

Frequent Questions and Answers

Q: What is an "Epic Presentation"?
A: The best way to describe it is having a presentation come together that no one else can produce or perform that does more than just entertain or inform the audience on a given topic.

Q: How often does the Jazz in Review presentation get done?
A: There were only four parts done for this presentation that was featured between April 2015 and April 2016.

Q: How did you come up with all of those stats?
A: The original BJS website hosts a complete journal of all of the activity that takes (or not) place every week.

Q: How long did it take to make the presentation?
A: All together you are looking at 300 to 400 hours put together between the four parts. That includes the time spent to create the database where all of the information was complied and totaled for the stats. Most of the time was spend on the production between compiling the music, selecting photos, creating slides and creating the DVD.

Q: I wasn't able to attend the presentation, is there any way to watch it?
A: BJS Members can request to check out the Presentation DVD for a limited time to view at home.

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